Gambling Addiction and Bingo

When bingo was a game just played in church halls to raise funds, then it was not normally considered to be gambling and no problems with addiction were reported. With bingo halls games were not available to be played all of the time as the halls would only normally be open evenings and maybe not every day of the week. This means that there were natural limits on how much bingo could be played. With online bingo there are more concerns about addiction.

Gambling addiction is a recognised problem with some people getting in to a lot of debt and not able to stop gambling. However, many people do not think of bingo as gambling, in the same way as others may see poker as gambling. Bingo is gambling though but has been referred to as soft gambling.

Gambling AddictionWhat is meant by soft gambling is that the stakes are not that high. The person who is spending money will not be putting down that large a stake. Some bingo cards are just a few pence and some more money but they are not that expensive. You tend to be limited in how many cards you can buy as well so the amount of money that you can spend per game is limited. So although online gambling is available all of the time, it does not necessarily mean that people will be spending a lot of money on playing.

It has been found that online bingo has meant that more people are playing bingo. This is because it is easier to play bingo and means that people do not have to leave the home. This means they do not have to worry about finding a babysitter or getting dressed up. With the online chat, there is still a social side to playing as well, for those who want it. Those who do not like the social side can easily ignore it. There is also the convenience of being able to play at any time without having to wait for the local bingo hall to be open. Or having to travel to find a bingo hall as not everyone has a local one.

Just because more people are playing bingo does not mean that the addiction is increasing significantly though. There are cases of people who are addicted to bingo but it does not seem to be as prevalent as with some other higher stake games.