UK Online Bingo Habits

Online Bingo is a growing thing in the UK at the moment. Decades ago women would flock to bingo halls to have an evening out and a flutter but these days many towns have no bingo hall and people are turning to online bingo instead. There are many companies that offer bingo online and it means that there is a fun choice. In 2004 there were less than 20 sites but now there are hundreds of them. This just shows how the demand for online bingo has grown. The sites include the big bingo companies such as Gala and Mecca but also less well-known companies and newspapers.

Bingo is not seen as gambling by many people who play it or even if it is, they never call it that. It is a softer form of gambling as only small amounts of money are spent, with some cards being free or just a few pence, with others being dearer. Prizes are not huge either, although they can get up to several thousand pounds.

Back in 2010 it was estimated that 12% of women in the UK played online bingo regularly and 6% of men. Bingo is very much aimed towards women, with many of the sites being in pink and purple colours. It has always been something aimed at women though, although with some men playing, it would seem that there is some sense in bingo sites also appealing to men.

The growth of online games has been put down to several factors. The smoking ban has meant that people can no longer play in a bingo hall and smoke at the same time, whereas they can do this if they are playing at home on their computer. There is also the social aspect with bingo halls being silent while the numbers are being called and chatter only happening between games. Online there is constant chat while numbers are being called, which can make it more appealing to some and those that do not like it can ignore or block the chat. The numbers tend to be filled in on the cards automatically as well, so there is no need for a high level of concentration.

Bingo is totally down to chance. There is no skill as cards are allocated randomly, as are the numbers that are called. This can be more appealing to players as they feel they have the same chance of winning as everyone else and there is no skill that they need to have in order to win.